Diabetes can be prevented and controlled by:

Eating a balanced diet

Staying active

Reducing stress

The risk of developing diabetes complications can be reduced

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Diabetes complications include heart disease, strokes, nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage,erectile dysfunction,  increased risk of infection, poor wound healing, diabetes foot ulcers and the possibility of amputation.

by keeping blood glucose in a good range

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the ideal range for blood glucose before meals is 80-150.

remembering to take tablets or insulin

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taking the right amount of medication at the right time is important to help regulate your blood glucose. If you make major changes to your diet or exercise regimen, make sure to discuss with your provider if you need to change your medication doses.


and getting regular check-ups

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At UITCT blood work is dome every 3-6 months depending on diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol control; foot exams are recommended every 6 months; urine tests and eye exams are done annually.